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  1. the main place i hunt is about 200 acres of pines that were thinned last year, so its open and clean, i can't really think of anything that make hang one up
  2. Hey everybody i have a question. I consider myself to be pretty good with a mouth call, and several people have told me that and even asked me to call for them on their hunts. but, the problem is, while i can operate a turkey call just fine, i'm a bit confused on when and how often to call. i can't remember how many times i've fired up a gobbler and had him answering my every call, only to have them not come in. this has me scratching my head and wondering what i'm doing wrong. any tips would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
  3. I agree, I hunt with a super nova and use a primos jellyhead, and I've been happy with the results I've gotten from it. I nailed a gobbler at 43 steps this season with it, he flopped maybe twice and he was done for. But another choke you might want to take a look at is the Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike, it was used to set the still target world record, and put 42 pellets in a 3" circle at 40 yards. you can check out pics of that pattern at the nwtf website. I plan to have one next season myself.
  4. Hey guys, I'd like your opinion on a call. I use box, slate, and mouth calls, but mouth calls are my real specialty. My favorites are the Preston Pittman line of calls, but I saw last week that Quaker Boy has come out with a new line called Foam Fits. I've used their calls in the past, and liked their sound and quality. I was just wondering if anybody here has experience with the new foam fit calls and what they thought of them. Thanks for any info!
  5. thanks! i'm obsessed with all kinds of hunting, but turkey hunting is my real passion, and when i can't be in the woods the next best thing is talking about it with other hunters. I'm only eighteen, and i've killed a few birds in the four years i've been hunting, but i still have a lot to learn, and thats why i like discussing it with more experienced hunters
  6. Hey everybody I'm new to the Benelli forums, so I'm just saying hey to everyone here. Don't worry, I'm not one of those people who complain about every single flaw Benelli has lol. I own two Benellis, a Supersport and a Supernova and I love both of them. I'm looking forward to meeting everybody here that loves turkey hunting just as much as I do.
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