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  1. I am very much in interested in buying the Benelli SBE II but I was told that it can not cycle the 7/8 oz light load , the minimum it can cycle is the 1 oz loads with 50/50 success ... How true is that ? Is a there a way around it ? I am a heavy user of light loads , mostly for clay pigeons. Thanks,
  2. TMAC , Mostly wingshooting... I don't think you guys know or heard of our wingshooting techniques The biggest bird wingshooters hope to catch here in the Desert is ofcourse the Habara (Mcqueen's Bustard) ,,, it's a very rare catch & falconers don't approve of shooting it with a gun. During the winter season , In some areas , also very rare , we get a passing of a big bird called the demoislelle crane ) . Here is a small video clip . Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsH1KY5M0XU&feature=related Most of the year , we hunt Doves (Eurasian Collared Dove & Rock Dove , Namaqua ) , pigeons . Seasonal , migratory birds like the Common Quail ... I know this is a flush bird in your part of the world but over here we hunt it during it's migration in flight !!! We hunt this one in Septmeber . During it's migration . We use electronic bird callers . The hunt usually starts from midnight till sunrise . How do we see those birds in the night you may ask , well simple , its an excusrion , usually after sunset we head out to the desert to areas known to us , set up our equipment (Portable Power Generators , flood lights (Those are intended to light up the sky), & ofcourse all other necessatees) start the electronic callers , keep fingers crossed & if all goes well enjoy a High Voulme Quail Hunt , pretty much like Argentina Dove Shooting To give you an idea of what I am talking about , one of our friends put a video post on you tube back in 2006... here is the link is .... enjoy. & This is another video of the guys counting the score just before getting ready to go home. From November till April we get a mix of these game birds : Sand Plovers , caspian Plovers , Black winged bratincole , stone curlew , cream coloured courser, sangrouse , Eurasian Turtle Dove , Bee Eaters ....& too many to remember When it comes to hunting , the desert is a vast area & you can not cover it by walking , you will need a good 4X4 to chase those birds . We do most of our wingshooting from inside the car. When a flock of any of those birds is spotted on the ground in the desert , hunters here prepare a quick plan , depending on the direct of the wind try to narraw the escape path of the birds by having two cars cornering the birds & shoot at them before they are out of reach of the guns. Again, here is a video explaining what I am talking about. Enjoy ,
  3. I don't think that stuff works with multiple shots , one shot at a time.
  4. Thanks guys, mudhen M1014 --------- You don't know the trouble I have been through. I am in Kuwait City - Kuwait. The local Benelli Dealer is having trouble getting the barrel for me, he complains that the Italians have a mind of their own , he says they don't read my order list they just send what ever they like & then I (the local dealer) have to meet the sales quote set by them (Benelli). I am aware that Briley can do the job for much less money , but it seems sending the barrel via international couriers is a trip by itself, they simply freak out when you mention the word gun or gun component & their answer comes back as a big NO. I have found one shipper who is brave enough to go for it but he requested an ATF license copy from Briely in order to proceed with the shippment , I have contacted Briely for this & they never did reply , I guess they don't have an ATF license. This full choke business is realy tricky , sometimes everything I shoot I hit & somedays it is the exact opposite ? Just like shooting balnks Al
  5. Where can I find/order a new barrel for my Benelli Raffaello (2003). The barrel on it now is fixed type (full choke) , I am looking for a new barrel with a choke option , preferably 30 ". Any Help ?
  6. New Comer here with lots of enquirees , seek your advice. I own a Benelli Raffaello Deluxe since 2003. Have not used it much except for the last six months. My enquirees are : 1- Is there a way in the world to add a magazine extension to increase the capacity to 8 or 10 shells ? 2- The barrel is 30" fixed choke (full) & I was thinking of sending it to Briley to have it threaded , adding a choke option to it. Is this OK , is it safe , pros , cons , .... ? 3- I have been hearing alot about shotgun porting , do these expensive holes really work ? or are they just decorations ? Briley have this service also but Magna Port sort of have you believe that they are the masters in this field . I figured if I am gonna send my barrel to Briley for threading they might as well do the porting . What do you guys think ? I appreciate you guys taking the time to read my enquirees & hope to read your replies soon. Thanks, Al
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