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  1. I'm needing to know if Benelli makes a cyl. choke tube for the Supernova. I want to shoot RIFLED slugs through it. Ive heard that you can only shoot slugs through certain chokes and didnt know if my Imp. Cylinder tube would work. The gun didnt come with a cyl. tube. Does anyone know any info on this???
  2. will benelli crio chokes work for supernova?
  3. I was wondering about the weight issue with the recoil reducer. I'd take another pound over that monsterous recoil anyday!! I patterned it with 3.5" #5 turkey loads and shot like 4 times and my shoulder was feeling it the next day!!!! About like a howitzer going off too!!!
  4. ok I will look for a cyl. choke and try rifled slugs through it. I think the most awkward thing to get used to will be the steadygrip. Great for turkey hunting but not so sure on doves and waterfowl. Be good for shooting slugs im sure!!
  5. I recently purchased the supernova with steadygrip to use for turkey. I also waterfowl hunt and deer hunt. The choke tubes that came with the gun are imp. cyl. , mod. and full. the full tube says no steel shot! Do they make a tube in full for steel shot? I also wonder about deer slugs! Is there a rifled tube for sabots or a cyl. tube(not imp.cyl) for rifled slugs? I guess the down side of the gun would be the 24" barrel. Ive always thought that was kinda short for waterfowl!! What is your opinion? The gun shot ok with the factory full tube for turkey (win. supreme #5 shot 3.5") One heck of a recoil though!! Does the optional recoil reducer work well? Sorry for all the questions!! Im new to the Benelli world!!
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