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  1. BPUL2113

    20 gauge Vinci

    Are there any plans to make a 20ga Vinci?
  2. BPUL2113

    20 ga Vinci

    does anyone know if benelli plans to make a 20ga vinci
  3. Dont know much about the Cordova anyone own one or know anything about them
  4. Besides the obvious 3.5 inch vs 3 inch what are the differences in the 2 guns
  5. BPUL2113

    M2000 Stoeger

    What a hunk of crap this thing is. what were they thinking when they made this gun, however, it does make a good anchor in heavy timber. Does Stoeger know this gun is having problems and, if so, what are they doing about it
  6. my sbe 1 loves oil any kind of oil it loves goobs of oil is the sbe 2 the same way and if so what do you all use
  7. ok here goes im in the marget besides what feels best what r the opinions about which is better
  8. is there any way to actually get fitted for a sbe2 before i buy ie; whick lop, which shim set, and drop at heel
  9. I currently own an SBE1, which functions flawlessly, however i am considering giving it to my youngest boy and buying an SBE2. but with all the problems this model seems to be having i am a little concerned why so many problems especially jammimg problems with this model. At $1600.00 a pop and all the hype it doesnt seem to be living up to the SBE1 reputation ofr functionability. any thoughts before i plop down the money?
  10. BPUL2113

    sbe2 parts ?

    whay is ur reasoning for not installing a sure cycle
  11. BPUL2113

    sbe2 parts ?

    r the recoil spring nd magazine spring stainless steel and do you all recommend putting a sure cycle in n sbe2
  12. BPUL2113

    Help help help

    Winchester xpert steel shot he was hunting in a layout boat in bad weather i assume ammo powder got wet and only the primer blew with enough force to stick the wad now any suggestions on the barrell
  13. BPUL2113

    Help help help

    My son blew up a M1 barrell matte finish, bad ammo casued a stuck wad and he fired again blowing out the barrel about 4 inches from end. I cut off the blown part and removed the vent rib, it was coming off anyway. Would like to salvage this barrell, but i need to thread the inside of barrell for the choke system. how do i do this?
  14. BPUL2113

    Long Stock

    My Sbe Stock Is Too Long For Me Is There Any Way Possible To Shorten Up A Stock On A Sbe1
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