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  1. Looked for that, and the rear of the trigger group cleared the stock. It was close but not tight enough to stop the trigger group from seating. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I have a regular supersport, and have removed and installed its trigger group many times.
  3. Yes , i did press the bolt release when inserting the trigger group.
  4. A friend has a performance shop supersport , he shot it this year for sporting clays league. He tore it down following league for cleaning. When trying to put it back together he couldnt get the trigger group to insert far enough into the receiver to allow the trigger group retaining pin to be installed. I was able to get the pin in , but had to use a screw driver to leverage the trigger group up to allow for the pin to be installed. Way to much force required. It is like the trigger group housing is slightly warped . Anyone have this problem? Solutions?
  5. I want to add some weight to make the swing more like my O/U, Found the C&H weight for the forend, but have not found anything for the stock. Want to add about 8 oz to the stock. Has anyone found a good solution for doing this on the Sport II? Thanks.
  6. I have a Sport II , and I find that the pull force is way to high compared to my O/U and other Semi autos I have used before. It feels like its up in the 6+ lbs area. Are others having this problem? Does anyone know a gunsmithing service that can dial it back to the 3lb's area? I checked Cole Gun and they don't do Benelli's, also contacted Briley and they won't touch it either. Any help would be appreciated.
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