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  1. One of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the country right now is bowfishing. Bow fishing is a cross between fishing and bowhunting. Across the United States and the entire world, fish like the common carp, garpike, and Asian flying carp are taking over our rivers and streams. There are very few ways of controlling these invaders, but one way to get rid of a few and have fun at the same time is to shoot them with a bow. ---------------------- samflutch007
  2. Wild turkey hunting is still popular along this part of the world, while at the same time regarded with respect and gratitude, as well as care for the future of the next generations. Long before European settlers arrived in the Americas, Native Americans enjoyed abundant populations of wild turkeys and hunted the birds for food. TIP'S FOR HUNTING: 1.When you are setting up on wild turkeys ahead of daylight, don’t get excessively close to roosting places. Views depend on which is the appropriate distance but generally, try to get within 100 to 150 yards if possible. You are basically attemp
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