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  1. Here are from my hunts so far Opening Day Nov1 3-Mallards, 4-Gadwall, 1-Wigeon, 2-GWteal, 1 Pintail 11/22/08 3-Bluebills, 1-Wigeon, 1-Spoonie, 1-Hooded Merg
  2. This is correct, I got the SBE one first from Bass Pro and it extends out too far so Kicks sent me the correct one.
  3. In Texas we have the Hunter's Choice and can shoot (1) Canvaback.
  4. Hey thanks. I called kicks and the correct one for the Nova's is the Beretta/Benelli MC3. Bass Pro is ordering one for me. Just sucks they sold me the wrong one and I have a 2 hour round trip to exchange it.
  5. I searched, but really could not find an answer. I have a Nova and bought a kicks tube for it. At Bass pro they did not have any of the Beretta/Benelli tubes and they told me the Benelli SBEII/M2 choke would work. They showed me it screwed in and fit. After getting home I put it in and it just doesn't look right. It looks like an extended choke with the ported barrel. I know they have crio chokes that are extended for the SBEII, but benelli also has extended tubes for Nova as well. Everything seems to match up length wise from the bottom to the threads and the threads match up as well as diame
  6. I love my nova, and it seems to definitely be faster than a remington, but I also have an Ithaca featherlight 37is capable of "slam fire". Just hold down the trigger and pump the action repeatedly and it continues to fire until empty. Their claim at one time was its faster than some semi auto's, but I don't have one to compare.
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