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  1. i would not recommend ever shooting sabots through a smooth bore barrel with a choke. first off they are not designed for that and will not give you great patterns most likely. thats what the foster slugs have been created for. secondly, i a mod choke should never be used for shooting slugs unless you want to bulge your barrel. improved cylinder is the common choice or cylinder works. and with buckshot you have to watch which chokes you shoot it through because due to its large size, if its shot through a tight constriction it will damage the choke after some time if there is any space between the wall of the barrel and wall of the choke. a good all around choke would be somethin like a patternmaster or wad wizard for buckshot and regular shotshells. slugs you can just go with a factory IC. Keep in mind if anything happens to the gun with an after market choke in the barrel, Benelli does warranty and damage.
  2. My sbe always cycled perfectly till probably 2 years ago. Sometimes it will cycle all three shells fine most times it wont. I just replaced the recoil spring and extractor spring. Is there anything else it might be? ive heard of the hammer being mushroomed over and catching the bolt, is this a possibility? My scenario is the following: i shoot one shell and it ejects fine but the bolt does not come all the way back to allow the bottom shell up into the chamber. so with a 3.5 inch shell the silver bolt head is sitting above the brass of the shell below. The bolt can come back another 3/4 of an inch or so before its all the way back like it should. Any help is appreciated
  3. goosebuster13

    SBE 3?

    has anyone heard anything about an SBE 3 coming out or when it will be released?
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