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  1. I've hunted 2 years with my SBEII and have had at least 2 days in hard rain where all I did was wipe the gun down after the hunt. If you don't like cleaning guns, I hope you have enough money to support that. You have enough money to buy one of the finest firearms in the world...why not take care of it and allow those after you to enjoy the craftsmanship, ergonomics and sheer enjoyment of shooting a Benelli? The guy who let his gun rust made bad decisions. It's one of the easiest guns to clean that I've ever owned. It usually takes me less than 5 minutes to break it down, run a brush and
  2. I hear you guys, it is definitely my favorite season. Midwesterners say what you will but dove season in the South gets the blood pumping to start the total hunting season. We have unfortunately seen a decline in birds over the last few years but sending my little brown dog after the 10 or so I get to knock down a day makes it all worthwhile. I remember years where you could kill your limit in 30 minutes of the afternoon of the first day (opening day starts at noon for us) and not catch a wink of sleep waiting to get out on labor day monday to do it all again and have just as good a day. I
  3. My only suggestion is that if she loves it now but may not love it in the future, only put as much money into it as you have to. Before I upgraded to my SBEII I shot a youth model Rem. 1100 LT-20. 21 in. barrel, awesome swing and weight and my wife shoots it currently. I'm only 5'6 and my wife is 5'1 and if all your wife will be doing is sporting clays, the weight of the 1100 is great and the recoil is minimal. You can get out with this gun for less than $600 and it's a great youth gun for kids if you have (or plan on) having any. I've learned that big investments for wives can be bad bec
  4. On that straight up #4 just catch it at the top of it's arc...kind of like popping that committed mallard on the descent. Toughest shot for me was the rainbow thrown left to right starting about 20 yards out and angling away...I don't know if all 5 stand has the exact same shots or not, but that thing always gave me trouble. Some old-timer that shoots a .410 O/U and at 100% everytime I've watched him told me "lead it twice as much as you think you need to son, you'll hit it one of these days." lol
  5. After watching American Birdhunter over the last year, the advertisement for Carlson choke tubes has gotten under my skin and is making me wonder whether or not I should give them a shot. I've shot my factory Benelli Crios in my SBEII for the last 2 years in the field and am not unhappy with them...just wonder if the Carlson's may pattern better. Anyone have any insight as to how the Carlson's pattern as opposed to factory? I'm looking at IMP/MOD and Mod. and generally shoot between a 6-8 shot 7/8 to 1oz. load. No waterfowling currently.
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