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  1. the patternmaster black cloud choke will cost you around $100 and a carlsons titanium coated tube for black cloud will only cost you $50. do you need a choke that says specially for black cloud absolutely not it wont pattern any better than a $30 choke will.
  2. i'm gunna stick with my #2 and BB for ducks and the old faithful #4 for turkeys. i never had good luck with getting birds to come in 20 yds or less from me.
  3. naa ! i dont think i will ever shoot #6 or #7 1/2 shot at a duck as long as i know what shot i have in the shells i am shooting. you are true in one small portion of your statement that it does require less energy to penetrate a 6 shot the same distance as a 4 but a 4 shot pellet will have more energy at the same distance inherantly due to mass also the air resistance will have slowed the#4 less than the 6 in the same distance.
  4. atleast if you load your own shells you know exactly what your shooting and you can taylor a load for a better pattern or more pellets if need be. you can figure on some savings over buying all your shells new but if your just gunna shoot 100 rds a yr than no way is it cheaper to just go to the store for a bx.
  5. just found out today that the PA dove season bag limit is raised from 12 to 15 this yr. had to email the PGC for info sisnce none of the regs have been available here at out post offices and nothing on the website. i'll be surprised if i even see 15 a day let alone shoot 15 but it has been dry here the last 2 weeks and that might be all it takes to put me in a good spot. i will def be huntin near water **** i might stand in the water !
  6. i wasnt thinking about all the southern and western states when i made the first post. up here in the north east we use lead shot for hunting everything except waterfowl because they are federally governed. for our doves and grouse or whatever other game birds i might hunt it will be lead shot. so the steel loads are going to be strictly ducks and geese consisting of basically mallards , woodies , and canadians rarely there are some other species of ducky around this area.
  7. if you use that paste wax and one of those orbital polishers ! WOW that would put a finish on it. that stuff works even better if you put it on your floor at home.
  8. just wondering if anybody is reloading their own steel shot and what some of your favorite shot size and loads might be. my dad and i have reloaded lead shells off and on for over 15 yrs but last yr i started buyin all brandy new reloading stuffs and i am gunna load my own steel for this yr. my main focus is gunna be loading #2 thru BB and varying loads from 7/8oz to 1 1/4oz i talked to some people about using Reloading Specialties recipes for loads with over 1700 fps. im excited to feel what real recoil is !! any thoughts or comments ?
  9. i always had good luck with Remington copper solids. they seem to knock down more effectively than the federals but are not as accurate. i did all my paper shootin at 100 yds though to so considere that. 50 yds might not show any difference.
  10. check this out and let me know if you would try it ! its a 577 T-Rex
  11. gander doesnt impress me with their prices i cant get the federal heavy upland or win AA but the others are cheaper than your price Fiocchi Golden Pheasant loads: Starting at $14.99 Winchester Xpert Steel 3", 1 1/8 oz: $10.49 even to reload a steel shot your lookin at $9.50-$10 a box we can get shells by Estate for sport shootin at $7.49 heavy game loads are around $12.99 to $15.49 depending you can reload lead game loads for around $6.50 Rem gun club for $7.99
  12. i can't not to mention it prolly would be 700 grains of slug and the inherant recoil would also more than likely make shootin a 50 cal like one of the new stoeger air rifles. i wouldnt be the one to fire off the first round or any for that matter.
  13. Man i hear ya, don't get me started on **** costin more everytime you go to buy it ! with all the new technology and equipment not to mention recycling that everybody wants. they can produce better quality faster and cheaper for a fact but refuse to. for the simple reason that we need the stuff and somebody will pay what they ask for it. i can rant about this for 10 pages so im not even gunna get started, yet!!!!!!!
  14. in a hunters point of view i dont like the ports on a barrel either due to the extra volume it creates. if your gunna hunt in a blind with someone else they will surely notice your shooting a ported barrel. again nothing is gained as far as i have seen, only negative feelings here for a port on a shotty barrel.
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