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laco don

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    RV'en Reloading, bench rest shooter
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  1. Got it done, Thanks for all your help. Don:D
  2. Does anyone know if they make a DVD or Video on how to use quail callers properly, the instructions on the packages realy need help, as I do on the proper use.
  3. Tried it, and it already has my E-mail address from the prevous registrarion I can only use it once. I need to get into my profile and change the member name from "lacl don" to "laco don", it's not in the "User CP" area, my fingers that do the hunt and peck, just pecked wrong, I dont see an moderators on this forum either to help:confused:.
  4. I need to contact a moderator and chance my user name, I typed in a wrong letter I cant seem to find the area to change it.
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