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  1. well if you look on the trigger housing you will see quite a few marks or slag lines (this is where the mold was joined) just little bits like that if you manually cycle the action without the barrel on you can see what parts rub together just take a look for unusual marks
  2. i was initially disappointed when i found out about the break in period with the sbe2 as they cost quite a bit of money and in the uk high brass cartridges cost quite a bit so i set about finding another way to break the gun in i couldn't figure out how to weaken the springs other than firing large loads so i just filed away all the machining marks and polished every contact surface i could this dramatically improved its ability to fire light loads it will now cycle loads less than 1 ounce about 24 grams which is great considering originally it only fired 32 and above and i would like to say it is the best gun i own and possibly the best gun i will ever own unless what's in the box is better
  3. the problem has bin fixed as suggested it just requires sum breaking in i spent a few days shooting ducks and geese with the gun and now it works great the only truble is ocasnoly it will jam with felt wads so i can only use it on sertan ranges but it is goo all the same
  4. thanks i was a bit woried about this because of how mych i had spenton the gun but readng all the reviews i see it is a greatgun thanks for all the help
  5. thanks for the help, wil the problem of using these low powerd loads continue or will it subside after some good braking in? i do quite a bit of trap and skeet shooting is the sbe2 sutible for this? thanks for all te help mac
  6. hi i have recently baught a new super black egal two and it is jamming after nearly every first shot but if i load three rounds the second to thrid rounds shoot fine ime using a range of cartages going from 28 grams (ime english i don know what that would be in ounces) to 34 grams and both have the same problem. i would apreciate any advice on this subject and would like to know if this is just the gun braking in or weather its the rounds ime using, thanks mac
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