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  1. Okay, so I called Benelli and told them about my problem. The woman that I spoke with on the phone seemed to understand. She sent me a new magazine tube spring and a new spring retaining ring and now the M1 is back on track. I really wanted to add that Benelli really came through for me here. I even asked for a part that wasn't realated to my problem and they sent it without any question. My M1 is probably 15 year old and they were willing to take care of everything. My next shotgun will be a Benelli for sure! Thanks Benelli!!!!!
  2. I'm new here and have a question to pose. Yesterday I was shooting my new/used M1 Super 90. It was originally sold in 1989. During semi-rapid fire the magazine spring flew out of the tube. I was able to recover the spring but not the plug. The plug was just a simple washer-like item with a whole in the center and part of the center rim bent outward. It seems like there might have been another piece missing. Any help would be appreciated.
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