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  1. Thanks for the photos bolton . The gun looks great but i am afraid its a bit out of my reach right now . I would really like to support a member of our military , but ....
  2. Will you please send photos . Where are you located ? Thanks
  3. LEIF

    NOVA AND 922 (r)

    I have a nova and want to put a +2 or +3 magazine extension on the gun , however , i am concerned about 922 compliance . Can anyone tell me how i can find out how many "parts" the atf considers this gun to have ? As i understand there must be less than 10 imported parts . Thanks
  4. LEIF

    M2 Problems

    I have a M2 which I keep for home defense. I would like to keep it with the hammer down on an empty chamber and the magazine full . I have not been able to do so however, because the magazine can only be loaded with the hammer cocked. I have triedcocking it on an empty chamber, loading the mag. , then releasing the hammer on the empty chamber , but when i do this and try to rack a round into the chamber, the shell will not load . Am I doing something wrong? , is there a problem with the gun ? Is there any way to the gun work as desired ?
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