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  1. Jesse - Thanks so much for the quick response and perfect description. I finally understand what that little piece is for...so you don't have to unscrew the cap every time you want to install or uninstall the magazine limiter. That is a slick little piece of engineering. Thanks again you have helped me out a ton. I thought for sure I had lost something in the weeds, but all the parts were there I just had them in the wrong order. It works perfectly now. I seriously would not have been able to fix it at home without your help. Thanks again, Keith
  2. So I took out my Benelli M3 for the first time the other day. I got it used for a song. I got to the range and prepared to load the tube mag to capacity and found I could only insert 2 shells. I thought this was strange and unloaded the firearm and started unscrewing the end of the tube mag. Well I was not expecting the force behind the spring and the mag limiter and other parts shot out into the grass behind the firing line. Stupid. Anyway, I think I recovered all the parts. Now I am trying to reassemble the tube magazine, spring and limiter. The manual doesn't show the same parts
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