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  1. Thanks guys. I agree with your input...it's just a tough pill to swallow. My wife whines about the thought of me buying another shotgun because she bought me my SBEII for my B-day a couple years back. Love the gun, but it's a field gun. I am pointing out how I am getting beat to death and that seems to be helping her cope...and the money part is always fun too. Definitely need a purpose built gun. This weekend is my last go around with it. The Comp-N-Choke made a noticeable difference, but a 10% reduction to an absolute beating is still a beating. I am not at all impressed with the limb saver recoil pad (ugly, poor fit, shorter than stock, wiggled back and forth after being snugged down TIGHT, doesn't make a big difference in recoil, etc.). This weekend I am putting around 8-12 oz of lead in the butt of the gun, shooting the comp-n-choke, a mercury recoil supressor (mag cap type), and a beretta check pad. I read that about 1 pound of added weight reduces felt recoil by app. 10%. Cannot say I tried! One of the guys I shot skeet with last weekend is bringing out his Beretta 391 for me to try this weekend (wants $700 for it). It is his old sporting clays gun. It's backbored, ported, gas operated...should be a VERY noticeable reduction in recoil over the SBE. Oh, if you buy a Comp-N-Choke tube, be sure to back down one choke...the skeet choke shoots noticeably tighter than the stock Benelli skeet choke. Dusted them when I hit em, but missed more... Thanks for the tip. I will pick up some heavy rubber bands so I don't get myself on somebody's short list! Thanks again!
  2. I recently began shooting my SBE-II for trap and skeet, and the more I shoot the more I get beat up by the gun. Shooting 100-200 rounds each weekend wasn't bad, but now I am into the 200-400 round per week territory, and it hurts! After the first weekend I started wearing a shoulder pad, then a Limb Saver recoil pad, and now I am going to try a ported Comp-N-Choke. I guess the big question is, am I fighting a no win battle here? Last weekend, the general concensus from several very knowldegeable skeet shooters was that I should go out and get a double or a gas operated auto... Anybody have any suggestions or shoot relatively serious sporting clays using a recoil operated gun? I am thinking the mercury filled magazine cap will probably help a lot, but am concerned that at some point the gun will stop operating correctly with all of the add ons. Anybody know where to find a shell catcher/deflector for a SBE other than the ugly things you have to tape to your gun? That is another one I heard shooting trap...two different guys told me it would be a good idea to get a shell catcher/deflector as it could get ugly if one of my shells hit another persons $30k gun putting a ding in the stock.
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