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Gila Jorge

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  1. The last year I shot competitively my average for over 5000 birds was 98.00....this was too much work...go to shoots and be spotted one bird...then in endless shoot offs...gave it up 10 years ago but can shoot 49-50 on good days still...
  2. Many years ago I was AA in 410, 28, and 12ga but A in 20 skeet...then I went to factory loads for everything competitive and jumped to AA in all four guns and A in doubles at all stations...the idiot stick is strictly for the experienced...not for beginners....
  3. I prefer my 1911s 45acps for bumps in the night...but my M1 Benelli would be quite comforting with No 4 buck or heavy duece magnums...
  4. Plan on using my M1 for USPSA shooting and possibly quail...with 8 shots in the middle of a large flock should be just the ticket....
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