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  1. From what I've been able to tell, the physics of actual recoil have little to do with felt recoil. I know a woman who thought the M2 had horrible recoil, but that the UL had little to none with the same shells. I've heard similar stories from men & women with a variety of guns; but most often from other women.
  2. Ha ha - recoil, that undefinable force some feel and others don't. Depending on which 12 I'm shooting, I'm not bothered by recoil. BUT, Some women find the UL has no recoil, others find it kicks horribly. Same w/the Montefeltro, Beretta, well... you get the picture. I haven't had a chance to shoot the UL, but it is the only gun I've handled, including those I've shot, that just felt good. I figure a limbsaver should help with recoil.
  3. I am about to buy my first shotgun and really like the Benelli Ultra-Light. It will be used mainly for sporting clays, with some upland and waterfowl hunting added in. That will change over the year and I will be doing more hunting. Next year I will get a dedicated clays gun, when I have a better idea of what I want for a clays gun. I have been told that a heavier gun is better for sporting clays, but the UltraLight feels the best of the guns I've looked at so far, and I really like the feel of it for the hunting I will be doing. Would it be advisable to add weight to the gun when I shoot clays? Is there a way to temporarily add weight without making major modifications? Is that just a stupid idea to begin with? BTW-I've looked at Beretta 391 (Urika & Teknys), 3901. Benelli M2, Montefeltro, Sport & Supersport & Ultra-Light. Franchi I12. Remington 1100 & 11-87.
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