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  1. Nick James


    I called CS and they told me the piece i was talking about is part of the stock. Your diagram also doesn't show this as a separate part. Thanks!
  2. Nick James


    I just bought another SBEII. The part im talking about is like a skeleton looking piece the sets in the stock and from what i see holds the buttpad on.
  3. Nick James


    I noticed i cracked the plastic piece inside the stock that holds the butt pad on. Is this replaceable, easy to fix?
  4. What are your guys/gals thoughts on purchasing a sure cycle system?
  5. I'm getting ready to purchase a new Benelli. In the past I owned a SBEII and it worked great. I'm considering buying a M2 due to the fact that i never shoot 3 1/2" shells. Is there any reason to buy one over the other...i.e. better parts, stainless steel or something truly better about the gun? Do either of the guns require the purchase of a sure cycle system? I'm using this gun 99% of the time for waterfowling.
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