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  1. As stated in previous post, just got my M1 super 90. See on some places where Benelli can tell when made, etc... I cannot find a way to ask my serial number is M399307. Also, I only have what came with the gun. How can I tell what choke, and how many rounds I can load in this? Sorry for such a juvenile newbie question, but I have been a handgun guy for a long time and very new to shotguns. Thanks!!
  2. Just bought this after wanting one for a long time. Hoping some veterans on here can help me out. I have no papers with it. Any idea where I can get a manual? I noticed I have to pull the slide back and release it back into position before it will allow me to feed shells. Sound right? Also, what do you guys recommend for defense loads. I am very excited about this gun. I have owned a cheap Mossberg 500A, but figured its time to grow up and shoot a real gun! Any general advice highly appreciated.
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