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  1. thanks but no luck, any online retailer that may carry it? thanks, jason
  2. thanks guys, I got the Burris red-dot and love it! My accuracy in skeet is still the same (about 15/25) but it just feels easier, certainly and improvement. Here she is (red-dot is there, hard to see):
  3. Thank you for trying to help guys. I'm going to contact Numrich and find out what the deal is. I'll send you guys a link to my Youtube video shooting 10 clays in the air LOL!
  4. I have removed the plug, but not enough. I want to shoot trick traps like Tom Knapp, with multiple (8+) clays in the air at once. Is there an extension out there that will work on the SS? thanks
  5. The "store" link on the Benelli site doesn't go anywhere. Does anyone know where I can find the "raised" comb pad online? many thanks
  6. ok, so let me get this straight, "rifled slugs" are for smooth bored barrels, like my Benelli. "Slugs" are for rifled barrels, right? So I should always buy rifled slugs for this gun?
  7. Thanks, so the ones that say "rifled slugs" would damage the barrel/choke?
  8. I looked all over the web but could only find extensions for the M2 and SBE. Would love to put one on my new Super Sport. thanks, jason
  9. Greetings, I just bought a new Super Sport. I'm relatively new to shotguns and Benelli. Can I fire slugs through this gun? Which of the chokes that came with it would I use? Which slugs will NOT work? many thanks, jason
  10. I'd like to put an Eotech or Aimpoint for clays. thanks, jason
  11. Is it possible to add a red-dot sight to a Supersport? There is a ribbed rail at the base but it is not tapped for a mount. I'd like to experiment shooting clays with a red dot, I've seen a few people at the club having good success, seems to really help with vertical alignment. Has anyone done this? Is it major gunsmithing? Will it void my warranty to tap for screws? thanks, jason
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