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  1. Looking for a used (low price) used M4 standard non PG stock. Any condition. I am aware of the new versions on-line but looking for less expensive option. Reply here or pm me. Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the feedback folks. I have been able to confirm that it is a 11701 with original barrel (match sn# on box) and it does have a single removable choke tube. But its a Briley Sk tube? More mysteries. I have read more history and noticed that there was reportedly a 11702 and 11703 possibly with removable chokes but all indications are this is a 11701. I have totally disassembled the entire gun and cleaned and lubed the appropriate parts but it really did not need it. I have figured out that I'm not going to mess with the recoil tube so I sold the telescopic stock and gave someone a go
  3. New member here, looking to confirm some details about a M1014 that I just purchased. I have spent the last week reading just about every thread pertaining to the gun but have some questions that I hope the experts here can answer or confirm my thoughts. The gun is definitely a M1014 serial number 0728 with the engraved flag. I have the original box, manual, magazine tube & chokes tubes. It has an extended mag tube on it, and it has the skeletonized stock and grip and the solid stock and grip. The previous owner bought it new from a dealer for 3 gun events, fired maybe 50 rounds and e
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