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  1. gillysmi

    m2 vs vinci

    I do mostly upland pheasant hunting with my 20 legacy. looking for something for late year pheasant and some goose hunting. looking at either the m2 or the vinci to shoot some steel through also. any suggestions.
  2. anyone used both. i can get the american for $899 and $100 cabelas gift card back. is it worth the savings? Thanks
  3. gillysmi

    Legacy 20ga

    Wondering if anyone can help me with my new Legacy. I am shooting low out of the box. Not sure if anyone else is. I swapped the out of box cdx (right handed) shims for the zdx. It appeared to move the pattern higher but i am really stuggling on clays and pheasants. Maybe hitting 1 or 2 of ten. When i put the zdx it really affected my line of site to the end of the barrel so i put the cdx back in. Does anyone know if the benelli autos shoot lower than other guns?? I am shooting a modified choke. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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