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  1. Is that really all I can do? Run a couple hundred rounds through it and hope it works itself out? I know most guns require a break in to be 100% reliable but most guns function better than 3% even before they are broken in. Really starting to worry if I wasted my money. In reply to the gentleman who said to run 3 3/4 dram shells - I thought the point of the argo system was that it would cycle just about anything (except non-lethal of course). Is there something I could have done wrong during reassembly after cleaning that would cause it to do this? I am pretty sure it isnt me - it fires fine and will cycle rounds by hand. It seems as if the action is short-stroking possibly...
  2. just bought a brand new M4 . took it apart, cleaned, lubricated and took it to the range. i read that this gun will cycle anything but non lethal rounds, but this gun failed to extract and feed with every round that i loaded into the wepon. i tried light target load and buck shot. i believe that action is short stroking, only once did the gun actually extract the old round and chamber a new round. HELP!!!!!!!!!
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