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  1. You should be ok imo. I have a r1 and shot it once so far. Still need practice and get my scope sighted but had some holes touching at 100 yds on paper. 300 win 180 grain reloads and stot it 20 times no major kicking. Anyway when I took my r1 to get the scope mounted at a pawn shop they acted a little jelous. They told me they get 1-2 r1s a year to have scopes put on but none come back to get sold off here in Spokane. I mainly hunt geese with the sbeII and it takes all the conditions just fine. Never do a half or quick clean because that is when I start having problems so I won't do that
  2. http://www.surecycle.com/default.asp The sure cycle BNL-04 for sbe II!!! I have one and it has made me a believer after two spring snow goose hunting trips and not one jam. Also no jams on many other day hunts. Sounds to me I was having the same fustration.
  3. A good solution I heard was to make sure it's disassembeld, clean, and oil properly with-in a week before the hunt make sure the gun is sighted in with less than five shots and only clean the inside of the barrel. Does this sound like a good solution or are the sights too far off after each disassemble for you r-1 shooters before the hunt?
  4. I remeber if a guy wanted to go public or pay everone was happy. Now with test tube crops the farmer can have a feild harvested and turned to dirt by October which ducks need standing for grain in my area that use to hold over a million ducks. Now there is nothing and we the public won't get the ducks back because there is no food anymore. That is one thing that fustrates me about DU because they only seem to consentrate on nesting habitat which is great, but they need to start improving the winter food source IMO. My thoughts is they should start to lease feilds and grow just for the birds
  5. The $150 was nothing, it was the blue flame I had to use to melt the glue to unscrew it that made me almost stop before I started. lol. Since I liked the gun so much I had to get ride of the hick-ups it was having. Believe me I am far from the guy who can spend 10K or more on a gun just to shoot clays. Happy hunting.
  6. Someone is leading us off the wrong direction and not pointing out how much habitat has been lost. I grew up in the columbia basin and public hunting for ducks was rich until about 15 years ago. Very few ducks in the air to pay the high gas prices to point out all the land we use to hunt lost due to development. My understanding growing is not baiting and I never heard of a law at one time you could not hunt if nature destroys crops. My Dad growing up in the 50's brags about how good the hunting was in a wheat field that burned down just before harvest one summer. My Dad would not hunt if
  7. Clean the sure-cycle in the stock. Pull the butt pad off and use an extended socket wrench to remove the stock and unscrew the metal part the nut was threaded to, let the spring out and clean in side. Or replace with a stainless steel sure-cycle like I did and never had a problem since. Adds weight to the gun put it slams the shell home with no bounce back.
  8. I just bought one on a wimb also because I really like my sbeII. The salesman kept stressing how important it was to properly screw the barrel back on and once it stops no more pressure should be used. Hope it works and anyone have pointers on parts too replace? Such as I like the stainless steel sure-cycle much better than the factory in the sbeII. The posts are not all that great for the r1 but I have heard Glock is the five letter word for junk also.
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