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  1. I think truglo references the thread as 2.6mm, but when I contacted benelli the tech told me she thought it was 2.5mm on the SBE II. Then just as you, a few post on here reference it as 3-56.
  2. Just wondering if anyone knew the thread pattern of the front fiber optic sight on a SBE II. I am looking at changing to a bigger truglo front sight. Also, how hard is it to unscrew the factory front sight. I was told that I would have to apply some heat before it would come loose.
  3. I'm looking into getting an aftermarket choke for my SBE II. I have been looking at the Briley chokes. Just looking to get a few opinions on the Light Modified as an overall choke. I usually shoot in sporting clay events and do a little over decoy duck hunting. Just wondering if this would be a choke that I could use for both.
  4. I have a SBEll and I've been shooting Winchester Xpert 3 1/2, 2 shot through it. I was thinking about trying the Kent Faststeel. Just wondering if there were any opinions on the Kent Faststeel....good or bad. Thanks
  5. Hey just wondering if anyone knew if Benelli could refinish a gun that has some scratches on the receiver. I have a SBE11 with Max4 Camo. Didn't know how costly it might be. Thanks
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