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  1. Does the steady grip fit on the R1? Matt
  2. Do you think that will rattle around and make noise? Matt
  3. THanks for the link. I would be interested to know what they group like at 100yards though Matt
  4. Does benelli sell a magazine plug for the m4? Gotta bring it down to 2 rds in the tube Matt
  5. Has anyone tried shooting slugs with their m4? How's the accuracy? Matt
  6. thanks guys! one more question--does benelli make a cantalever rifled barrel at all? i'm not too crazy mounting the scope on the receiver, and having to re-zero every time i change the barrel. or will i be able to look over the scope bases if i got a quick detach scope mount? thanks matt
  7. Hi, I don't really know which benelli to get, here is what I want, cost isn't a huge issue: -Autoloader, 12ga -Recoil reduction -Be able to shoot 2-3/4 through 3-1/2 -Barrels interchangeable from rifled slug to choked smoothbore -"classic" shaped stock (as opposed to pistol grip) Those are my only requirements..suggestions? I can't seem to navigate the site very well on my computer How accurate are benellis slug barrels? Any info would be great, thanks Matt
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