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  1. the "I can" 400 comment was a response to a "playa hayta". My CZ 204 will stretch to 300 with no hold over out to 300. Past that I'd need more maginification than the 4-14 Valdada i have on it. Yes, this is an endorsement for IOR Valdada products. I have six of them from a fixed 4 on a 22 mag to a 9-36 on an AR10-T in 300 RSAUM.
  2. 250 rounds bought back in '06 when I didn't care, and we had an American Christian President
  3. I'm a fan of run watcha brung. i've got a case of Mil Rem 00 buckshot. Enough that I can empty my 7 shot tube and not care
  4. To all who have helped me in a positive light, I thank you. To nova king, I'll send you a bumper sticker that's popular around here that says "We don't give a damn how you do it up North". As far as ANYONE can shoot them at 400 yards, we know that's faaaaar from the truth, Though I know that I can.
  5. the problem I'm finding is that there are chokes for evey camo benelli out there but not specifically listed for the M4. Thanks to the last few posters I think i've got a lead. The area where we shoot lends itself to a close shot if I'm lucky (AND FAST). I don't want to have a coyote run up on me at 30 yards with a scope on 10 power. I want to have a tighter choke to start out with right off the bat to check choke/shot combos. Thank you gentlemen.
  6. Does nobody shoot their guns or just buy a bunch of crap to stick on them? SOMEBODY has to have bought a choke for something other than "breeching"!
  7. Anybody know where to get a full type choke for one? I'm using it as a backup to a 204. All suggestions welcome, pics too.
  8. Just saw the pics of the sticker, put me on the list! Zombie jugular slicer! Yeah!
  9. Dim 1) .721 Dim 2) 1.185 sir
  10. sold it for what he wanted it for, 2100.00. My bid that was winning was 18
  11. http://www.hunt101.com/data/500/thumbs/105_0342.JPG
  12. A guy had one listed on GB a couple of months back, serial number five. Yes, five. I've already got one I've bastardized and shoot but wanted a NIB for collectors sake. He ended the auction early and sent me an e-mail saying. Sorry, good luck finding another one. I got him to leave me good feedback then I posted what I thought about him on my feedback.
  13. Daniel333, keep looking for the 1014. I've got that and a 11707 to back it. I've swapped my factory barrel for a shorty and don't understand why chokes are necessary at fifteen feet in my house, which is where this thing lives. American flag receivers are cool, cuz only 2499 other people have one. We work so we can keep the lights on and buy what we want. period.
  14. Ti parts for my guns, damnit. Hey, they left a sewing needle in your wrist (top right). I'll take 30 percent for the advisory fee. Thanks again for the tube and rail, pics WILL follow
  15. The bench fairy was flying all over me. All five in place ready to hold my B...... wait, pics to come soon.
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