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  1. Guys THANK YOU ALL. What an amazing forum this is. Where was this forum when I bought my Stoger in 12ga. To add more confusion to this. I have another choice too the M2 Field in 20 Guage which is around 5.8 lbs. So now my choices are in 20 guage : 1) Ultralight 2) Montefeltro 3) M2 Please advise me guys. The M2 seems to have nice reviews? Would be really nice to find someone who owns any of the above or all. Let me know. P
  2. Would appreciate some help in decesion making. The more I read on the net, the more confused I get. Looking to buy a 20ga exclusively for phesants. So the choice is Motefeltro or Ultralight. Do long walks and am looking for something light but am worried about recoil. But again for 20ga, not sure how it would be on either. By the way both are around 5.5 lbs. Any ideas? Thanks guys. Dave.
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