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  1. have you looked at the b-square saddle mounts? I put one on my nova and it works great! Also try limbsaver for your recoil pad I put one on my nova and it sure helps!
  2. The one thing that didn't get anwered was about the chokes and loads that have been used in this gun. I'm a first time turkey hunter so I can use all the help ideas and advise I can get. That velcro thing was brilliant by the way I now have no, zero, zip for rattle in the fore end!
  3. I did your fix, and it seems to help a bunch! Thanks! Cant wait to try for my first tom this spring down here in Texas.
  4. well that seems simple enough! Thank you!
  5. Has anyone come up for a fix for the rattle on the nova yet? I am looking to take my new nova on a turkey hunt or 10 this year. any help would be appreciated. Also has anyone uset the H.S. undertaker and had good results in this gun and if so what ammo were you using?
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