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  1. Anyone know what is the max drop and max cast Ethos has with shims?
  2. Agree with the previous post. I have a Vizsla- my first hunting dog. I referenced the breeder and felt good about them and the quality of dog. My dog is going to be 9 and I have nothing but good things to say about my dog and the breeder - they were phenomenal in terms of support. I went to seminars, read books etc. The most helpful resource I found for my dog ( a pointing breed) was George Hickox's tapes on bird dogs. However, I will also tell you that I ended up using a hodge podge of techniques to train my dog. No one system will necessarily work for you and each expert has good techniq
  3. Thanks for the advice. The cast shims are only DX (cast off for Rt hand shooter) and SX for left hand shooter ( cast on). Those are your only cast options and the gun is already cast off for a right hander. Problem is I need more cast off than the shim provides since I am still shooting to the left of the point of aim. Regarding the chokes- I thought about it but I gotta say that I don't think I should have to invest in other choke tubes after spending $1500 for a gun. This is the age old problem of buying a gun off the rack- they fit the average guy and they don't fit everyone else.
  4. Have a new SBE II that patterns POI consistently several inches to the left of center from the point of aim. I shoot right handed. Did the pattern with mod Benelli choke and factory load # 8 Winchester target loads at 30 yds.. The amount of shot above and below the center of impact is perfect. Since the gun shoots to the left, I am crushing targets flying right to left. Of course, I have more difficulty with the left to right birds as a result. To be honest, I don't want to have to think about which way I am shooting and have 2 different leads stored in my head depending on which directi
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