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  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and need some help posting pics. I read the FAQ but I am unable to post the pics according to the instructions. Are there any tricks to posting pics in a new thread?
  2. I recently purcahsed and received a new M1 Tactical barrel that doesn't fit my M1. The problem is the boss on the ring that slides over the magazine. The boss is longer on the new barrel and will not allow the barrel to seat fully into the receiver with the forearm on. If I take the forearm off the barrel seats fully and the guns functions properly. Is there a different forearm for th tactical barrels? If I could figure out how to insert a pic I would.
  3. Have you tried Cactus tactical?
  4. I finally found a barrel but it is alittle different than my old one. I'll post pics asoon as I get 5 posts
  5. I'm still looking for a short barrel
  6. I am looking for a new or used short M1 S90 barrel, preferably 22" but 18.5 will work, but not a slug barrel. Please let me know if you know where I can find one. Thanks, Mike
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