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  1. Thanks for your input Chad, I have seen that in the past you have been very helpful to a lot of the threads with your personal experiences. I was wondering will the chokes pattern the same whether you use 3 inch or 3 1/2 inch shells ? I understand that their are more pellets in a 3 1/2 shell, but that doesn't mean that the patterns will be better right ?
  2. I know that this has been a beaten subject on these forums. New products come out from time to time and I am wanting to know what is the proven choke or top turkey choke out there is. I have a Benelli Supernova that I have owned for 1 year now. This will be this first season I get to turkey hunt with it. I have read other threads where people suggest to buy several different chokes and ammo and see what works best. In today high cost of living it is not easy to do so, your opinions and experiences will be appreciated. I have been looking at these chokes, Indian Creek Black Diamond, Kicks
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