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  1. Prairiedog: I took the gun a few days ago back to the store where I bought it. They tried that trick and the shell seated in the barrel correctly. They were set beside themselves as why it would do such. I had some of the shells that had ben fouled and we got it to jam again while loading. We decided that the best thing to do was to send it off and that is what we did. When I get it back and find out what the deal is I will post it on the site. I appreciate all the help. Thanks
  2. sepp, I clean and lubricate all my guns religously after every use. Not just a wipe down, a break down. As for the begining of the problem. Yes it happened initially once or twice. I passed it of to cheap loads. Shortly after that I shot clays with the gun and it hung maybe 4 or 5 shells out of 8 boxes. The more I use the gun the more shells it will hang. Now it probably averages 2 out of every 10 rounds. thanks for the response.
  3. Yes the shell makes it into the barrel. The action stops about 3/4in. from closing and locking. I have checked for burs or sharp edges in the barrel and chamber. i have found none. Thanks
  4. Thanks thats what i will probably do. Also no disrespect to Benelli. I love my gun and I am considering buying a 20ga.just for clays. This just happened to be my first Benelli and I didn't know if this might be something I was doing wrong or maybe there is a quick fix. Thanks
  5. Last March I bought a new SBE2. After the initial break-in period it began jamming.The shells will catch on the brass(folding it back) and not fully load. This holds true for all loads across the board.The shells will catch if hand loaded or while being cycled. This is becoming more and more recurring. Other than that the gun is great! Anybody got any ideas?
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