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  1. Not so easy ... Duggan may be right - I tried to unscrew top of the magazine with reasonable force (I did not go all the way...) but it would not let go. This is not the easy 'M2' cover shown in the manual... The piece containing threaded stud (which receives cap holding forearm in place) is understandably fastened to the mag in a sturdy manner. Not wanting to scratch the flattened sides, I think I will look for a fixed-width wrench, put some masking tape on the inside and try my luck .... Anyhow, thank you both for the responses!
  2. Thank you for your reply. The reason is as follows: hunting ducks with waders on, I ended up in the water as I chased a 'cripple' and my foot stepped into a depression in an otherwise hard and flat bottom of the lake. Although the shotgun itself did not get wet, 'moist' shells eventually ended up in the magazine. I think I did a pretty good job spraying inside of the magazine with water-removing lubricant (after depressing the spring full-distance) but still I would like a follow-up to make sure any moisture has been completely removed.
  3. 1. How do I access the magazine for cleaning? There is no specific mention of this in the manual - is it as simple as clamping 'flat' parts of end plug with adjustable wrench and turning counterclockwise? 2. I may be trying a turkey hunt this season - are there any magnetic HI-VIZ sights which will fit?
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