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  1. i had pretty tight pattern with a primos jellyhead and remington premier copper plated 3 1/2" #5s
  2. hey thanks again, what sight combo is that exactly?
  3. i was thinking of getting the tru glo magnum gobble dot snap on sights. anyone have any problems snapping them on over the camo finish? thanks
  4. hey thanks for the tip. anyone have a recommendation for best sight with a vent rib camo finish...magnetic? snap on? etc
  5. hey novaking, i just checked to see what the gun came with, its B shim set for right handed (which I am) i guess changing the shim would move it up but as far as making it shoot more to the right (5 inches) would it change?
  6. hello all, i posted on the general forum but figured i should here also. I patterned my supernova today with 3.5" high velocity remingtons with a jellyhead choke. on all 10 shots, the my most dense area was about 3-5 inches left and a few inches down. i tried some with the jellyhead and some with the factory full choke. i evern tried a 2.75" inch load and a 3" load, same result. i had some else shoot and they were also in the same area. up and down i can live with but it was 3-5 inches left every single time. what should i try? i tired 5 shot and 6 shot no change. should i get a rear sight? sh
  7. hello all, i patterned by supernova today with 3 1/2" rem high velocity...i shot from 25 30 35 40 45 and 50. every time the real center of my pattern was about 3-5 inches left and a little low of where i was aiming. i used my jelly head choke as well as the factory full choke (same results) thinking it was the ammo i tried with a 2 3/4 remington load and a 3" magnun rem load. still the same left everytime. The pattern is awesome its just not where it should be. my gun does not have a rear right, just the front red dot and bead in the middle. Im wondering what to do (new ammo, new choke, etc)?
  8. hey just a little update. After looking at my new supernova a little more. i noticed that on the entire left side of the trigger guard, the camo finish to not "stick" so at the factory they fixed it with a green/brown marker. there is quite a bit missing, do you think its worth doing anything about it? thanks
  9. hey thanks for the reply. I figured it was all normal just wanted to make sure. I ended going back and looking at the floor model ones in my gander mountain and they were all the same. must be a hard process to get that camo on there, i wouldnt want that job haha
  10. anyone notice the same thing when they got theirs?
  11. I just received my new super nova from benelli. right out of the box i noticed a few minor scuffs and tiny "chips" in the camo finish. when i say minor they are just a couple small black scuffs. is this normal? thanks
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