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    If it Flies It Dies
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    Duck, Dove , Deer , Turkey Hunting, and I love to Crappie Fish
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  1. Nothing Bad will happen you just will not get a very tight pattern. Any choke tube that you can shoot Steel shot out of will not be as tight as a full. Patternmaster is considered a "full" steel choke but really it will be as tight as your modified lead choke. You can shoot 4's out of either choke, but dont expect to kill a bird "dead" further than 30 yds. If I was you I would get two chokes one for Duck Hunting and one for Turkeys. You will be glad you did.
  2. TNduckKLR

    SBE 1

    Take apart your bolt and check your firing pin. This sounds just like the problem I had. Turns out my firing pin was bent. I put a new one in it and it worked like a charm.
  3. Go with the Camo. The extra 150$ is well worth not having to clean it as much.
  4. The problem with any wad stripping choke tube is that they are not designed to shoot small shot. They pattern best with BB or larger shot. I have a patternmaster that I use on my Goose gun ( Benelli Nova) and I love it. I shoot BBB's and it with demolish a goose, But I would never use it to Turkey hunt with. The Patternmaster does not have the constriction of a "Turkey" Choke. I use a Kick Gobblin' Thunder I think its a .665 , and it will shoot heads of with Winchester Supreme 3 1/2 inch 5's or 6's
  5. I have had my Benelli SBE2 for 2 hunting season now. I dove hunt and Duck Hunt with it. I have shot around 5 or 6 cases of ammo through it. Probably 3/4 of which were 3 1/2 inch super mag steel shot.( Blackcloud, Kents, and Xperts) About half way through the season this year my Benelli started to "click" and it was like the bolt wasn't all the way forward. To make a long story short I took my Bolt apart and discovered that my firing pin was slightly bent and had a small hairline crack in it. I bought a replacement pin for it. ( Out of my own pocket 35$, because I was tired of dealing with Benelli and needed one fast.) The new pin fixed my problem, and I have not had any issues since. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. P.S. When I pay $1600+ for a shotgun I expect it not to fail after 6 cases of shells.
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