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  1. Thanks for the input. I will give it a shot when the snow geese get out of here. I 've never seen a choke tube get so stuck before. Or a barrel cost so much. Thanks, nraredneck
  2. I have a choke tube that has been stuck for 3+ years. It has been a good gun but am ready to put another choke tube in it. I've taken it to a gunsmith who heated it up and still wouldn't get it out. I've tried to freeze it, heat it, soak it, with all the combinations. It was oiled when put in and in for less than 3 weeks would not come out after trap season. Broke 3 Bennelli choke tube wrenches and a Carlson's T-Handle wrench. Do I send it in to Benelli? Or just buy a new gun. New barrels cost like $650. I would like to keep it but when next season hits I can not have my barrel back. And
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