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  1. Anyone wrong eye dominant? I am right handed and left eye dominant I have tried to shoot left handed and it just does not work. Any advice? Has anyone overcome this or found any product to help?
  2. Well after a long decision I purchased the 12 ga Ultra Light. I shot it at the range and it is sweet. I would like to eventually like to purchase the same gun in 20 ga or the Legacy. That would give me an extra for myself or a friend or relative. Also my wife expressed interest in shooting and the 20 would be perfect. Thanks for all the responses.
  3. Fishinguy, thanks for the reply. I just bought my new ultralight 12 GA 24" barrel. Now I need time to go shoot.
  4. I have read many different oppinions about what ammo to use in ultra light. What are you using and have you had any issues. Can UL shoot 2 3/4" and 3"?
  5. Mac, I know for quail 20 would be fine but pheasant is what I would be concerned with. I say this because I have very little experience pheasant hunting but I plan to get more into it starting next season. I have a good turkey gun (12ga) but it is to heavy to carry in a field all day. What is the story with barrel length? How much does barrel length affect pattern or distance?
  6. I am deciding between a ultralight and a monefeltro? Also 12ga or 20ga? I really like the feel of the UL. I am short so the light weight and 24" barrel feel good. I mainly hunt Pheasants and quail. I have heard people talk about how good they do with their 20ga and I have heard people complain about 20ga. So I am confused please help.:confused:
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