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  1. My R1 is a 300wsm. I thought I deleted the part of the scope. Where is it?
  2. Thanks, it worked but needs some adjustments.
  3. Steve and every one, This is my first hunting trip with my new R1 300wsm. It was great. I could not believe how many boar I saw that day My brothers first time for boar and he had a blast. He used my R1 loved it. Kennedy
  4. Steve or anybody How can you insert a picture Kennedy
  5. Steve, I will pick up my new R1 300wsm with scope this week. Where did you get the ammo holder that you have on the side of the stock? Thanks Kennedy
  6. Steve, Thats what my brother said, "find one and buy it." One last question, the one you have 300 win mag. Is that more powerful than the 300wsm? Thanks Kennedy
  7. Steve, I looked around for the R1 300 Win Mag, but I found the 30.06 and the 300 WSM. Does it matter if I get the 300WSM or what is the big defference. Also, the R1's that I found, How do I know if they have been sitting for 1 month or two year on the shelf. Whould it be better to order one? Are rifles like vehicles, newer model have corrections of problems if any? Thanks Kennedy
  8. I am ready to purchase the R1 Do not know what caliber? I will be after deer, elk, boar. Stid2677 what caliber is your R1. I am starting my hunting experience this year 2009. My brother and friends are all excited for me and I am too.
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