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  1. I need to go look at the gun and see if it is tapped, just got done going thru a lot of posts and now know to look for the plastic plugs in the receiver. To answer your question, last year I took the gun out turkey hunting for the first time and killed two birds with it. Had the mod choke and 3" #4 Hevi shots. Never patterned it. Shame on me. Dropped both dead in their tracks at 30-35yds. Getting serious now and picked up a few different loads, thought about getting a dedicated turkey choke hence the questions. Standard sights work but are difficult for my aging eyes so thought about
  2. I have an SBE II I use for goose hunting and want to use it for turkeys this spring. Can anyone recommend a sighting system and appropriate mounts? Red dot or holographic are my first thoughts. Gonna us Hevi-shot 3 1/2" #5's. Any recommendations on choke choices? Was looking at Comp N Chokes but unsure about constriction after reading some posts here. Thanks for any help!
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