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  1. Thanks for starting to answer the other questions. Being new to not sure all the questions I should ask. Need to find someone in the Richmond, VA area to talk with and get to go out in the field/wetlands. Joined Ducks Unlimited and thought that would be a good starting point to get to know other waterfowlers. Eventually, I want to get the dog (lab or golden) and train it. I am looking to go full tilt on this. I am really interested in Canadian Geese. So I guess I start with those decoys and I am planning on fixing up the old jon boat with a paint job and blinding a blind for it this
  2. Hey Guys - Thanks for all the help. I decided to trade in my Marlin 1895 SS 45-70 Gov't and I got the 12 Gauge Benelli NOVA Pump with a 28-inch barrel (black). Deceided to start with something less expensive and as I get bitten by the bug, I will upgrade.
  3. Ok... I get the drift...you get what you pay for. How about not going inertia driven and stick with a pump. Super Nova looks good for my budget. Actually could spend more, but not sure I want to sell any guns that I have, but I guess that is possibility. Super Nova 28"...good all around gun for entry level waterfowling and shooting clays?
  4. I am glad to hear that the Stoeger m2 is the way to go. I know it will be tough to hide from the wife and you are right, once I get going it will tough, but it will give something to buy me for gifts. Not mention that I can play even steven on her clothes purchases. How about the goose hunting? Same barrel length, but I am guessing heavier loads?
  5. I live in the Richmond, VA area and I am looking to start waterfowling. I am interested in duck and goose hunting. I would like to get some information on shotguns. Stoeger M2000 is definitely in the budget. (Easy to hide from the wife). I would like to get a versatile gun as far as barrel length. What are the recommendations? How about shotgun load recommendations? I have done a some deer hunting, but have remained a bride's maid. I guess I am too impatient for deer.
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