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  1. Thanks! Yep, it has a fixed pistol grip stock. If it's supposed to have a collapsible stock It wouldn't surprise me if the shop I got it from took the collapsible stock off and put this one on. Either way, the stock is the same as the M1 I sold a hundred years ago and I really like it so, I'm going to shoot the **** out of it. Do you M4 gurus stock pile any spare parts? is there anything I should stick away just in case? Thanks again for all the help.
  2. Thanks! I got out in the shop and looked it over. Looks like 2 gas ports in the barrel and it's a model 11707. What does that mean if anything? Is that a generational thing? I'm not going to sell it. I hate selling guns and I only have one other auto shotgun so I'm good to go. Thanks again!
  3. I wanted to say Hi with my first post here and then apologize for asking questions that I probably could find by searching the interweb. I tried but got more and more confused the more I read. I bought an M4 from a dealer a few years ago and I stuck it in the safe and almost forgot about it. It's marked M4 on the side, no flag, has choke tubes, non collapsible stock, SureFire rail, And ghost ring sights. Says made in Italy. I have read about US flags, 1014, 11701, 11707, thin walled barrels, low recoil barrels etc etc. I am going to start shooting her and want to know now if t
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