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  1. Mounting a surefire G2 LED. What tailcap switch do you recommend? I have seen a few pics with a curly tailcap switch that attaches to the forearm, etc. Just wondering what you use. This will be mounting to a M2 Tactical and an Ar-15. Any help would be great. Thanks
  2. I have a new Benelli M2 filed model with a 21 inch barrel, tube extension. This gun will be mainly used for HD and 3 Gun Competitons. It only has a bead for the front sight and no rear sight. What do you recommend? A. Install some ghost ring sights, by having the gun drilled and tapped B. Is the burris fastfire speed bead any good for this application C. Any other brand of rear sight that you may know of This is my first Benelli and I love the gun, had it a week and already put a few hundred rounds through it, it eats anything!! I just want something better f
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