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  1. i see. unfortunately the collapsible stock is not an option for me as it's not authorized at my job. and the only mount authorized for the ml3 is the arms 22m38. it seems to be about as low as the one you linked to. i'm basically torn between the ml3 and the h1. i don't mind the extra size of the bigger aimpoint, but it does seem from pics that the t1/h1 sits a little lower. and i need all the help i can get since i need to drive my cheek weld forward in order to see through the ghost ring well (i'm only 5'10").
  2. thanks scottrh2, thats pretty much the example i was looking for. i see you used to have the fixed stock. was the cheek weld decent with it when using your aimpoint m2?
  3. hello, I'm curious if anyone is using the aimpoint comp ml3 on their benelli m4. specifically, i'm interested in buying that optic with the arms 22M38 ring, but am concerned that the optic and mount will be too high for a decent cheek weld when shooting. does anyone have a photo of the comp ml3 on the m4, or any experience with that set up? also, is the red dot on the aimpoint h1 lower than the ml3 when mounted on the m4? found lots of examples of people using the h1/t1 on their m4, but not too many of the ml3. thanks.
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