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  1. djschutte23

    R1 Sling

    Hey guys, I have had my R1 for about two years, but I have never put a sling on it because it seems as if the sling could cause the nut/field stripping tool to loosen during a long hike. Has anyone expierenced any problems/inconveniences created by having the sling on there R1 during a hunt or for cleaning? Also, what sling do you guys recommend? Thanks, Jake
  2. i had a similar problem the first time i shot my gun a couple weeks ago. I figured it was the ammo, but then had my brother take a couple shots and he shot it fine. It turned out to be the shooter. haha It took me about 40 rounds to get comfortable shooting my rifle...dont let it frustrate you or your will never be able to shoot it well
  3. Thanks a lot steve. I think i will just have to get them and try it out at the range. If i dont feel comfortable with them i guess i will go without. Thanks for letting me know about the safety, that could have been a bad accident.
  4. i like the Warne Medium Scope Rings w/Matte Finish 201M for a heavy duty steel ring (i wanted the steel ring, though they are a bit heavier then aluminum) and it fits on the base provided with the gun. I believe warne has quick detach ring is better if you plan on using the case that came with the gun.
  5. djschutte23

    EZ Pull

    I have heard many good things about the EZ Pull trigger and i am thinking about buying for by R1. I hear that it gets the pull down from 1 to 2 lb by using simple physics but I want to know a few things first. Does it leave marks on the trigger guard, and how safe is it having a trigger pull that low? I heard that you are not suppose to use gloves when using the EZ Pull because it is unsafe. I also know the trade-off between looks and performance. Thanks
  6. Thank You Steve. I have read this forum and many of the others and noticed this has been recieving the latest hits. I guess the reason I am asking what has already been answered because i am just excited to pick up my gun and really hoping that it doesn't let my hopes down. I live in So Cal where you are unable to pick up your fire arm until after a 11 day backround check. I am really anxious to hold it, fire it, take it apart to clean it, and to get to know it. It is such a beautiful gun and I have never owned an auto loader before. Jake
  7. I would prefer a scope recomandations for prices under $300, but like a said before, I would take all advice. Thanks Jake
  8. I am 20 years old and a beginning hunter. I have hunted Pheasant, Quail, Chukar, and rabbit with my shotgun and own a early model 1894 Winchester 30-30 which cannot mount a scope due to being top-edjecting. I am planning to get a deer and bear tag this year so I have been looking around for a good rifle and came across a 300WSM comfortech miss marked at a store for under $600. I almost bought a browning A-bolt II for the same price. But the Benelli name stood out on the rifle so i put it on hold and researched it that night where i came across your goldmine of photos and many other people
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