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  1. Bruno

    Gas Piston

    I've put close to 300 rounds through my R1 with out any issues.
  2. No... the bolt shouldn't have any effect on the magazine.
  3. Well I cleaned the gun remounted the scope and went to the range. This time it took about 3 shoots before I figured out I was an idiot. I made the stupid mistake of readjusting the scope in the wrong direction. I’m too embarrassed to explain what I was thinking, but after the light bulb came on I was now on target. Shoot off a total of 20 rounds and was very pleased with my last 12 shoots at 100 yards. Can’t wait till I can move out to 200 yards. Thanks again for the insight.
  4. Tucker301, Thanks for the fast reply I hope the info paints a nice picture of the situation 1.a Are you using the factory base or another base? Factory 1.b. If factory base, did you mount it in the right direction, with the arrow pointing forward? YES 2. What is the distance between the bottom of the OBJ end of the scope (big end) and the barrel? About 9/16 of an inch (I know that’s a little high but it feels right) 3. How much cooling time are you allowing between shots and groups? About 1 minute for shots and 3-5 for groups of 4 shots 4. What make and model rings are you using? Burris Xtreme Tactical 30mm Medium 1/2 5. Did you torque the base and rings to specs? 20 in/lbs for upper ring and side nut about 80 in/lbs (my torque stops at 70) 6. Did you remove the forearm and barrel assembly between groups? NO 7. Did you check the forearm nut for proper torque? NO but it was tight 8. How experienced are you with rifles? Novice to Intermediate Also I was shooting at my local range which has a 100 yard indoor range with very study bench and a Caldwell steady rest for sighting. I was also in the seated position (I don’t believe the situation could get much better for sighting in a rifle). I put a little more thought into it. Could it be with the 180 grain that the sight rest was to hard and pushing the barrel up, along with a hotter then normal barrel?
  5. Decided to go to the range today and do some zeroing in. Bore sighted the rifle after mounting Bushnell’s 6500 2.5x16 42 and it was almost dead on. Started out with some less expensive ammo (Fusion 165 grain) at 25 yards took about 5 shots with adjustments then got five 1 inch grouping did that out to 100 yards with 4 inch groups then I ran out of the Fusion 165 and switch to Winchester 180gr Power Point. Couldn’t hit the paper so I moved the target back into 25 yards, just in case I couldn’t see the holes and sure enough I missed. Took another couple of shoots and I was about a 24 inches high at 25 yards. Well I re-adjusted the scope till I ran out of Click’s (MOA) and still about 4 inches High still at 25 yards I rechecked the scope and mounts, taped the scope took 2 more shoots and still high with no room left for adjustments. Also left to right is within 1 inch but just can’t get the shots down. I not sure what to do now, any Idea’s (i.e. if the barrel gets to hot does it fire high.) Thanks for any input.
  6. Thanks for the info. It will be a few weeks before I can get to the range.
  7. stid2677 Thanks for all the pictures and stories I really enjoyed reading them an temporally living vicariously through you.
  8. Here in Colorado I went to all the major outlets. (Bass Pro, Gander Mtn, Sportsman’s Warehouse ect.) and at least 7 guns shops and was only able to find 1 .300 for $1,850 and 30.06 for $1.499. I ended up finding a 30.06 that looks new. It was on consignment at a local gun shop for 850. Before I purchased the gun I called Benelli with the s/n to find out it’s past. The lady was very nice and said it was owned by their local sales rep and had been in once for a spring issue on the barrel locking bolt. Still not sure if I got a deal or not I guess I’ll have to wait until hunting season to find out.
  9. I glad to see there’s a forum for the R1. Well I just got my 30.06 last week and I thought I’d field strip it and put it back together a few times before I hit the range. My question is how tight or how many turns is need for the barrel locking cap? Do I tighten until it stops, or is there a number of turns? I know the barrel should be perfectly locked against the receiver, But I looking for input before I screw things up? Thanks in advance.
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