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Maritime Storm

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    Riverview, NB, Canada
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    Back Parts, CTC Dieppe
  1. Maritime Storm

    New to Benelli

    "Find a new butt pad for your Nova" Why is that? Warranty is 10 years or so I was told yesterday.
  2. Maritime Storm

    New to Benelli

    I'm looking buying a Nova in 12 gauge, never owned a Benelli before, anything I need to know?
  3. Maritime Storm

    Grouse Loads

    I switched recently from #7 1/2 to #6 shot for my reloads, my Reuna is fixed full choke, #6's thinned the pattern a bit for close range work but still retains enough energy for longer range shots on Grouse & Varying Hare.
  4. Maritime Storm

    Grouse Loads

    What is everyone's preference when it comes to loads for their Grouse gun? Myself I usually reload 12guage 1Oz loads to 1250FPS.