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  1. I just read a great review on the vinci at shotgunlife.com called "The Argentina Proving Grounds" it says that the comb is interchangeable with those of differing heights, I assuming that you can use the same ones that are offered already for anything else. I have the raised comb for my SBE 2 and I got it ordered from the same place i bought my shotgun, I know they deal through Stoeger, i was a [email protected]#kin pricy accessory, about $100cnd
  2. I have been shooting my SBE 2 with both briley and comp n choke ported chokes with great success. I can tell a difference in noise however, with the comp n choke tubes when not wearing protection(no big deal). I have also found that all ported chokes I have tried have consistently paterned a little better than non ported ones, of course making sure that my ammo was the same throughout.
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