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  1. That's pretty interesting, I was planning on sending it off to briley this week, but now I have something else to think about...
  2. Hogwild, yea thats a good idea, greasing the outside up before going in the rain...can't believe I never thought of that. Cleefurd, I'll pick some up for the future, but I think I'm going to send this in to get done professionally, does it come out matte or shiny? cause my barrel is very polished...and where do you get yours? Novaking, I thought of that, but I don't think I want to go quite that short.
  3. true, alright, I'm going to send it into briley, that way I can get some of the performance shop work done as well. Than I'll worry about selling it and buying the 28"
  4. In my defense, it was 600 grit...it feels no rougher than paper, I was shocked that it did so much damage... Tucker my only thought is that I want to replace this barrel with a 28" anyway, which I can't find for less than $600...and I'm assuming a gunsmith is going to charge at least 200 to reblue it. If I could sell/trade it as is, than I would be golden. Any more tips...? I'm pretty decided that I'm not going to try to do anything else myself since I no longer have any trust in my handiness
  5. hmm, than I'm not sure I see a point...I'm going to want a permanent fix eventually...
  6. Yea, maybe I'll order some cold blue, anyone have a link to one they recommend. Briley also sounds like a good idea, I was thinking about doing some of the performance shop stuff to my supersport, so they could do both.
  7. yea, I was kinda forced to shoot in the rain at this tournament I was at, and I gave the gun a quick cleaning and wipe down afterwords, but obviously not well enough. The barrel is a 30" and I want to replace it with a 28", but I can't find one for less than $600 from ableammo. How much would a re-blueing cost from a gunsmith, and how much do you think I could sell the 30" for with and without the reblueing? Also, if anyone is interested in trading a 30" for a 28" I would be very interested!
  8. Hi guys, so I had some rust towards the end of my supersport barrel and I used some 0000 steel wool and some 600 grit sandpaper with some hoppe's oil to get rid of it. I don't think it was a very good idea though...I got rid of the rust, but the barrel lost it's coloring where the rust used to be...which looks a lot worse. What should I do now? I'm not exactly sure what blueing is or how it works, but is that an option? I don't mind paying someone if there is a professional service that could fix this. Pictures below... http://i45.tinypic.com/1zwezyo.jpg http://i49.tinypic.com/f57r5j.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/2eo8mme.jpg
  9. Benelli only makes semi-auto's and a couple rifles. If you want a sweet o/u I would look at Browning, I have 2 o/u brownings...a citori and a cynergy, and they are nice partners in crime for my benelli supersport. Also Browning is an American company, which seems up your alley. The founder, John Browning, invented like every single shotgun innovation ever, pump, lever action, gas operated...before him there were just like blunderbusses or something
  10. No I haven't, but I have been planning on doing that. I know a gunsmith who does fittings. I definitely gotta check that out, because I am shouldering the gun correctly, but I don't think it fits me correctly. prob not why the pad is peeling...maybe
  11. I guess I'll call them up, can't hurt...don't think it'll help much either though. Anyone have suggestions besides the duct tape for stopping it in the meantime?
  12. Yea, I'm sure it's something I'm doing that is making it deteriorate...I don't think it's happening magically. I usually wear just a t-shirt or a shooting vest, but it's going in and out of gun racks. Also, I usually rest the stock on the top of my wallet which is in my front left pocket or on top of shoes, but I try to not do that. I don't know how it started though, one day after shooting i just noticed it had sort of opened up, but I didn't remember doing anything out of the ordinary.
  13. mines a righty, but as I said, I'm really looking to prevent further damage, not replace it
  14. hahaha, really?? has anyone used duct tape successfully? Pictures?
  15. Yea it probably is mostly cosmetic...but that doesn't mean I don't care about it...I did buy a supersport after all, and probably would have been happy with a sbeII had it not been for how sweet the ss looks. Every time I go out shooting it gets worse. I doubt they would give me a free replacement, because I'm sure I caused it somehow, it didn't start peeling on its own. What I'm really looking for is a way to stop it...some sort of spray on coating or whatever. I found a can of this stuff in my garage...only thing I have that could maybe help: http://www.texsport.net/waterprooferseam-sealer-p-118.html Anyone know anything about this, or have any other recommendations? thanks for the replies
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